About Us

J. W. Faircloth & Son, Inc. is dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility by developing, manufacturing, and distributing Faircloth Skimmers for dewatering sediment basins. As a small business we are committed to treating our employees, suppliers and customers with respect, the environment with care, and all legal and fiscal requirements with responsibility.

J. W. Faircloth & Son, Inc. was started by Warren Faircloth, President, who developed and patented the Faircloth Skimmer. As a county Erosion Control Supervisor, Warren was concerned that traditional methods for containing sediment on construction sites were not effective, resulting in sediment pollution in streams and waterways. His goal was to develop a method for sediment control that would be easy to use, economical, and effective. The Faircloth Skimmer has evolved into a tool that meets these criteria.

The company was named in honor of Warren’s father, Jesse Faircloth, who would have been very proud of his son’s commitment and success. J. W. Faircloth & Son began as a home business, but it quickly outgrew the garage and was moved to its own building in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We are continuously making improvements to the Faircloth Skimmer in response to customer comments. We sell Skimmers directly to our customers, and also through distributors. We are very proud of our service to our customers and our contribution toward maintaining the health of our planet.